About Us

who we are?

Art does not need to be innovative to be good. We succor them in wasting space beautifully

What we do?

We help in representation of the pronunciation of heart by a speaker whose dialect lacks the voiceless glottal fricative or transition as a product of human creativity.

Our Motto


Our Specialization

Drawing & Painting

Painting and drawing are the foundations of making art. To draw is defined as to “Produce a picture or diagram by making lines and marks”. Because of its low entry threshold it is one of the most widely practised art. Painting the expression of ideas and emotions, with creation of certain aesthetic qualities in a two dimensional visual language. Out club’s programs are designed to foster creativity in young people and give them outlet for self-expression that will inspire everyone.


Photography itself is a form of language and an instant dialogue. We use photography to understand ourselves in relation to people around us. If you take a close look at landscape and portrait images,you will often see the influence of paintings. Fine arts club (FAC) program enables people to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through the lens of camera.


In our increasingly technological world,theart is developing continuously from Chauvet cave art to Multimedia. Multimedia arts is a popular field of study for artists interested in animation,web design and graphic arts. Fine arts club (FAC) is taking lots of initiatives by organising workshops so that the members of club able to get the essence and familiarise with multimedia in arts.


Stamp collecting proved to be an almost perfect hobby for collectors because there was a never ending stream of new stamps. The goal of this part is to create philatelic fraternity. Fine arts club (FAC) provides an opportunity to display your stamps on “The National Philately day”.